Choral | Auditions and Scholarships


Auditions for Concert Chorale take place several times throughout the year. For high school seniors, they occur on posted School of Music audition days in January and February as well as on individually scheduled appointments with the Director of Choral Activities anytime during the academic year. For TCU students, auditions occur during the several days before classes begin during the fall semester and during the several days before the fall semester ends. Check with the Director of Choral Activities for specific times. The audition will include: the singing of two art songs (one in a foreign language and one in English); vocalization to ascertain range, vocal ability, and pitch sensitivity; tonal memory exercises, and sight-reading.

Auditions for University Singers and Vocal Jazz Ensemble take place during the several days before classes begin each semester. Contact the conductors of the ensembles for specific times and places or check the door of the choral rehearsal room. Note that all music education students sing in University Singers.


Choral Scholarships are offered to talented and deserving students in the form of tuition waivers. Offers are given for four years and range from several thousand dollars a year to full tuition waivers. Most scholarships are given to new TCU students, and the large waivers are generally reserved for music majors. However, many students with diverse majors receive scholarship money. To qualify, one must have past choral experience, a flexible and pitch-accurate voice, and considerable sight-reading skill. Scholarships are determined through auditions with the Director of Choral Activities, and are offered in the spring of each year for new students and during the audition process before classes begin in the fall semester. For further information about auditions and general admission to the School of Music, see our Admissions and Orientation pages.